I just finished a very good and very important book called unChristian by David Kinnaman.  The book reveals discoveries from 10 years of research into the perceptions of Christians among the emerging generation (aged 16-29).  It’s a sobering and alarming book- a must read for anyone who loves Jesus and who loves the church.  [Check here for my review.]


  1. Thanks for the comment Robert! The survey was very interesting. Made me wish I could fly down and have a fish taco with you. I’ll be sure to encourage others to give it go too! keep up the important work!

  2. I just read this too Ken. I presented material from it to our congregation. Combine this with the unchurced survey just conducted by Lifeway and info from Barna’s revolutionaries and I concluded by saying that we do programed evangelism because it makes us feel like we are doing something even though it is ineffective and usually negative. In reality 10% of people will be even willing to hear the program from the organization, but 90% will hear from a friend.
    Also, I just posted my DMin survey, will you look it, take it, and pass the word? Thanks my friend.

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