We had another sweet time at the hub last night.  Good crowd, good vibe, good stretching, and Cara aucustified us.  My mobile takes lousy photos… but i wanted to capture a bit of the night- and the conversation happening around the issue of baptism.  We started the topic last week and decided to carry it on again— it seems that this strange churchy thing called baptism is an important thing for followers of Jesus.  I met some new friends who I hope will keep joining in on what’s happening here.  [And thanks to Brenton for the wings!!!]


  1. You’re welcome for the wings dude, any time … you give so much to the group, I figured pieces of a dead carcass smothered in hot flavour goodness piled in a heap of carnage on a plate was a fitting way of showing appreciation …. mmmmm … wiiiiings … *drool*

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