Starting right now, Brentview is hosting a 24-7 prayer week.  We have decked out a room for what hopefully will be one continuous stream of conversation with God through next Sunday.  Of course, the novelty of praying for one week non-stop as a church isn’t really the goal.  The goal is to encourage and enable people to pray… to pray for our world, our neighbors, our own soul… to pray for those in need of health, in need of food, in need of shelter, in need of God… and to pray for God’s voice, God’s leading, God’s action… to pray that we will wake up enough to see what God is already at work doing and how he wants us to join in.  This is also an opportunity to sit still and listen to God’s Spirit… to allow God to form and shape us, to heal us, to treasure us, to convict us.  This is a time to repent, to commit, and to give ourselves.

If you can, please join us this week.  Other groups, like Campus for Christ, other churches and other people are planning to spend time with us this week.  To find out more, go to http://24-7calgary.com.

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