24-7 recap

Img_2758 We had a good 24-7 week at brentview.  It was very encouraging to see about 150 different people come in during the week to spend time in prayer.  Some came in the wee hours, others in the middle of their work day, others with their sons and dad, others with a friend.  Many of us are tired from spending nights shifting between prayer and security detail…. others are weary from the emotions of spending time letting God into our hearts more and more.  The walls, which had been covered in blank paper at the beginning of the week, reflected the depth of impact this focused time on God had on many people.  Our theme was: "God, how do you love?" – coinciding with Pastor Dave’s Sunday morning series on John 3:16.  Here are some photos to give an idea of the experience.Img_2749Img_2747Img_2742Img_2737Img_2743 Img_2748 Img_2752 Img_2753 Img_2759   



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