mustache march is over

Photo_534The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most respected and recognized pieces of literature in history and all around the globe… and yet it is not nearly as serene and encouraging as it believed to be.  It is actually among the most alarming, shocking, humiliating, counter-cultural speeches ever given.  It is what happens when Jesus comes and speaks his mind.

At the hub last night, we concluded our "mustache march" series with Matthew 5-7, being rather embarrassed by how far short we each fall of this "nice" little sermon.  Love your enemies, blessed are those who are persecuted, anger = murder and lust = adultery, cut off your hand, gouge out your eye, enter the narrow gate, give in private, no treasures on earth, dont’ worry about clothes, obey, don’t judge others, don’t serve money, turn your cheek for another blow. 

Thanks to all the guys who grew their upper lip fuzz in honor of the counter-cultural faith.  Now let’s together grow this faith in the way we live!

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