it’s beginning to look a lot like APRIL!?!

Photo_523We woke up to this today…  and I had a t-shirt on while jumping on the trampoline in the backyard just yesterday!


  1. Paul, you are looking too closely at this photo. it’s kinda creepy.
    Shandell my friend, your realism has failed to encourage me. i prefer to live in ignorance and false optimism… and you have stolen that from me. this is perhaps the most depressing post ever. : )
    On a positve note though, i’m not wearing a coat or a toque today- it’s sunny- and the wind didn’t blister my face.

  2. This is Calgary my friend. What were you expecting? I’ve seen it snow in august (I wish I was lying). On the bright side, it’s gone fast. On the not so bright side you can expect at least one massive dump of snow in may… it always happens.

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