grow down

We’re having a college/career event this month called BE A KID AGAIN.  It’ll be a jammed night of playing ramped up versions of dodgeball, duck-duck-goose, kick-the-can… that sort of thing.  And it got me thinking about how everyone is under so much pressure to grow up. 

I’ve seen a lot of people work so hard to grow up that they fail to get rooted.  Is it possible to seek maturity before we have the capacity or the experience?

In April at the Hub, I’m going to teach through the book of Colossians.  It’s a letter about who Jesus is and how his identity changes our reality.  It’s an instruction manual about living with authenticity and obedience.  It’s a book describing spiritual maturity that comes through knowing Jesus.

But before maturity can be pursued, before the Colossians are to grow up, Paul urges: "Let your roots grow down into Jesus and draw up nourishment from him."  As they do this, as they grow down into Jesus, they will then grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth… letting their lives overflow in thanksgiving for all Jesus has done.  [Col. 2:7]

Too often we put maturity ahead of rooting.  We measure outward behavior before we check the growth condition of the roots.  We put on ourselves the clothes of righteousness before we’ve taken a bath in Christ.  We too often cover ourselves up with leaves before we’ve sought the nourishment from the soil of Christ’s marvelous love. 

So today I tell you- and it may be the first time you’ve ever been told this— Today, don’t grow up.  Grow down.


  1. Me too, Andrew. In fact, I loved last night. Hope you did too! This grow down focus inspired me. Jesus said we should be like little children, right?! But for the most part, I don’t think we really believe that.
    So I picked up The Pursuit of God (by Tozer) this weekend and gobbled it up again. It’s all about growing down in Jesus. Amazing amazing.

  2. Looking forward to the series Ken!!
    There is a lot of pressure to grow up with kids writing diary entries in Elementary on what they want to do when they grow up and figuring out the course of their careers and lives before they have even lived for 2 decades. What is the rush?
    From what I hear people generally wish that they could be young again once they get old, so is it really worth the effort?

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