God of the this city

One of the most inspiring songs for me in 2008 has been "God of This City" by Bluetree, a great band from Belfast.  Though lots of cool people already knew of these guys, I’m usually a bit behind the cool scene… so it took Steve McCready, a member of the cool crowd, to introduce me to Bluetree back in January.  Now, I’m absolutely loving their album, but especially this song – which has become the most frequently played song at the Hub.

"God of This City" catalyzes me towards hope.  Instantly I remember that God is real, that God is active, and that God sees where I live and is at once already at work and is preparing to do even more.  God has not abandoned this city… God has not left… God is doing great things and has greater things yet to be done! 

In July of this year, I’m a part of a team of 16 from our church going to Belfast to join with Steve and a bunch of others with Youth for Christ to spread this message… that greater things are still to be done there.  Here’s the song with photos of Belfast and Northern Ireland.  Hope you’ll buy the album and hope it charges you up!


  1. Hey Ken! Awesome song… such a good reminder that God is not done with us or the areas in which we live, whether that is Belfast, Calgary, Vancouver, or wherever he takes us.
    I am so excited for you and the team heading out to Northern Ireland in July… I really believe God will really touch hearts. It really is a special place and God is at work!
    (thanks for posting the video… 🙂

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