reproducible leadership

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"If the church is to regain lost ground it must find new ways to identify leaders and develop ministry forms that are reproducible and can morph in response to the cultural mosaic.  A truly missional church requires a team building philosophy of leadership in order to bring together the range of insights, skills and experiences that are needed to translate vision into reality.  Churches must be sufficiently flexible and spontaneous to respond in a timely manner to the needs, challenges and opportunities of postmodernity.

The church needs to be led by those who can live with untidiness but can see organizational patters in the midst of the apparent chaos.  Leaders need to be familiar with the recurring and widespread themes in our culture, and connected with the wider conversation taking place in cyberspace."

– Eddie Gibbs in his book, LeadershipNext, 105.


  1. If the church of tomorrow needs leaders like you have described – where are they going to come from? The local church, the local Bible college, the local seminary?
    Or is all that the church of tomorrow requires are men and women who are obedient and faithful to Christ at any cost?
    When the world looks to the church do they want to see leaders? Or do they want to see Jesus – men and women who have crucified themselves, who have spent so much time in the presence of a holy and living God that all the world sees and hears when they see and hear these men and women is Jesus.

  2. I could not agree more that the leaders need to see organization in chaos as that is the vision of the churches future that I have been getting from all of my studies right now. Global trends are pointing to a church which is evolving again as the south begins to preach to the North with a living and vibrant faith that many claim is missing in the North. The main focus of the church I am hesitant to say should be on its leadership, but maybe on its lifestyle or even its theology. so many things that are faux pas or untouchable in a world where respect is being garnered more and more by those who get down and dirty. Maybe these issues will be addressed before the flood of change comes, or maybe we will be adapting on the fly, whatever the case, I pray that God cares for us all.

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