empty tourist attractions

Belleville_cathedral_insidewhat do you think about this quote?

"I once heard someone explain that the church in America is not above what happened in Europe.  European nations have truly become post-Christian nations.  Their great cathedrals and church buildings once were filled with people, but now they sit almost empty on Sunday mornings and serve as tourist attractions… We shouldn’t think that we’re above such a thing happening here.  With the increasing dropout rate of people in emerging generations, it could be our destiny that in thirty or forty years, all of our recently constructed megachurch buildings, which are now filled with people, will end up virtually empty tourist attractions.  I bet in Europe they never guessed that was their future, and we shouldn’t be so overly confident that it won’t happen here too."

– Dan Kimbal, They Like Jesus But Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations (2007), 16.

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