faith influencers

For some reason this morning I’ve been reminiscing about some people
who have influenced my walk with Jesus in powerfully good ways.  One of
these was Rick Hawks, the pastor at my church way back in the late
1980’s- you know, when U2 was cool… oh wait… they still are.
Anyways, Rick let me shadow him on the job for a day while I was in
high school.  We sat in his office and talked about the ins and outs of
ministry- I can’t remember any of his great insight though, we had
lunch with the church staff, we took food to a struggling family in a
run-down apartment and prayed with them, we sat in his office while he
studied for his sermon and wrote down a journal of my experiences- a
journal that has since disappeared, and we prayed together that people
would know Jesus through our actions.  For me, it was a huge day…
life changing.

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