There are more books written about Jesus than any other figure in history.  The library of congress has registered over 70,000 books about him… not including cheesy coloring books like in the photo!  Four books are produced every day… over 25,000 since 1970 alone.  All of these books about Jesus stem from the four little books in the Bible we call the Gospels.  Each is no longer than twenty to forty pages.  Each tells only a fraction of the events that happened in Jesus’ life.  Yet from just these four little books, come thousands upon thousands of big books from authors who have been enamored or intrigued by Jesus throughout history.

John suggests in 21:25 that if everything that Jesus had done during his life on earth were written down, the volumes of books penned would be too much or the world to contain.  If you don’t like to read very much, perhaps you can be thankful that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John only wrote down what they did!

One commentator says:

"As John’s last words underline, there is no limit to the greatness of Jesus Christ… He is literally infinite, and hence no conceivable library on earth or heaven can adequately fully tell the story of Jesus Christ (Milne, John, 320).

And another commentator adds:

"Human books are inadequate to hold him."  (Barclay, The Gospel of John, 334)

We could never ever be done learning about all that Jesus has done, is doing, or will do.  We will always and forever be in awe of him.  Getting to know him more will be the everyday joy of life in heaven.

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