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Isaiah 9:6a  For a child is born unto us, a son is given to us.  And the government will rest on his shoulders.

        Back in Isaiah’s day, the nation of Assyria struck intense physical distress and spiritual misery upon Israel.  But not to worry, Isaiah proclaimed, a child would be born.  A child.  A child possessing brilliant light.  No dark power would be strong enough take deliverance and peace out of the hands of this child.
        The power and majesty of this baby would be astonishing, Isaiah points out.  "Child" is the prominent word in this sentence.  In fact, it is the hinge word for the entire passage.  If you were to take this word out, the entire section crumbles.  If this child is not born, and does not step into darkness, the entire world crumbles.  If this child does not impact your life, your very soul crumbles.  Without this child being born, darkness still reigns, oppression still weighs you down, despiar and struggle and restriction still overwhelm you and they always will.
        So powerful of an event is this birth, that Isaiah explains this prophecy in present tense… 700 years before Jesus is born.  The child is born.  His birth is bigger than past, present and future itself.  His birth is for all time.  The child is born.  It’s as if Isaiah is seeing it happen now.  Isaiah communicates this future advent of this child as if it has already taken place.  Isaiah understands it is a birth yet to come, for back in chapter 7, verse 14, he declares it as a future event.  "The virgin will be with child.  She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel- God With Us."  This child will be born with us, among us.  But now Isaiah says the child will also be born unto us, for us.
        And this child is not just another boy.  He is not just any son.  His responsibility is the heaviest burden any person could ever carry. Government will be on his shoulders.  He won’t simply rule a local community or write a constitution or enforce laws.  This child will rule everything.  The scope of the responsibility of world government and administration and management and care and livelihood of the entire planet earth will be upon him.  He will carry the weight of the world- the consequences of justice and redemption- upon his shoulders.  This is no ordinary child.  His kingdom extends beyond borders and jurisdictions.  He has complete authority in heaven and on earth (Matt 28:18).  This child is above all kingdoms and thrones (John 18:36).
        The reason the people will rejoice is because a child is born who is greater than all nations, greater than all powers, greater than all darkness now and forever.  And in case this prophecy has not yet had it’s full impact upon us, Isaiah shares four incredible titles for this child.  Remember that already in chapter 7 the child has been called "Immanuel- God With Us," Now look at these… (next post).

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