007 Hero God

Isaiah 9:6b  These will be his royal titles: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God…

        As if Wonderful Counselor wasn’t enough to describe this child, Isaiah actually calls him "Mighty God."  Is that really what Isaiah 9:6 says?!!  Through out history many people have tried to rephrase this verse… because how could a child actually be called "Mighty God"– especially in the monotheistic Hebrew worldview?  But Isaiah actually says this… we even have copies of Isaiah from before the time Jesus was born that say "El-Gibbor"… "Mighty God."
        El is the Hebrew word for God.  You can hear it in the word "Immanuel" – "Immanu-El" – God With Us.  In Isaiah, El never refers to anyone other than Yahweh, the One True God of Israel.  It is never used generally to reference false gods, or perceived deities of other nations.  El is God alone.  So for Isaiah to use this title upon a child is absolutely astonishing.  Isaiah 31:3 – "The Egyptians are men, not God."  Isaiah 10:21 – "A remnant will return to the Mighty God (El-Gibbor)."  The reason the people will rejoice, the reason darkness will be destroyed, the reason light is coming into the world, is because God somehow in the form of a child will overturn all the consequences of sin and despair and distress and misery.
        And God is mighty.  Gibbor literally means "hero".  This child is the hero-God!  God is going to be the hero.  Are you walking in darkness?  Don’t fear, God will give you light?  Are you oppressed?  Hang in there, God is coming to the rescue!  Is your soul imprisoned?  God will free you!  Are your struggling?  God will revive you!  Are your drowning?  God will save you!  He is the hero-God.  He is the Mighty God who saves this world.  A child is born, a Son is given.  He will called Wonder Counselor and Hero God!

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