010 light

        After all of these Isaiah posts, I feel rejuvenated.   I realize something big:  I need what this child has.  Light.  The advent of this child is the hinge of history and the crux of eternity.  When this child is born, angels declare PEACE on earth to mankind.  I’m a kind of man.  And I’m on earth.  Hey- this peace is for me!!
        Jesus Christ will not just dismiss, sweeping it under a rug to someday be exposed again.  Jesus will destroy sin.  He will obliterate distress.  He will liquefy misery.  And he will do all of this through the weapon he holds in his hand… forgiveness.  Nothing can overcome forgiveness.  It is the most powerful offense this world could ever embrace.  Don’t fight against forgiveness.  You cannot win.  Give in to it.  Surrender to it.  This child is much to powerful to fight against.  He is Wonder and he is is Hero God.  His light is so great that you will be radiated with joy and peace forever… if you let him be born among you, for you. 
        Don’t resist this child.  Embrace him.  Pull him close to your heart.  Let him overcome the shadow of death that you pass through.  Let his victory break the chains in your life.  Let his peace conquer the conflict in your soul.  Let his Wonder surpass your understanding.  Let his Counsel restore your heart.  Let his Might empower your passion.  Let his Everlasting Life awaken you.  Let his birth connect you to God. 

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