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Rootedness has been the theme God’s been pressing on me for a few years now.  I just keep coming back to it.  It’s like I can’t make a move without it shooting out from where I’m at with Jesus.  I don’t want to walk around without my feet in him… and I don’t want any fruit unless he helps produce it.  Make sense?  If not, too bad you haven’t been at the conference today.  150+ emerging ministry leaders in Northern Ireland are at Belfast Bible College right now.  I’ve been able to walk through Colossians and talk about being rooted in Jesus (2:6-7) and how that identity is supposed to shape us into raw, real, growing followers of Jesus.  Been good.  The photo is the worship team Qara, with Pete Morrisson, Dave, Justin and Stuart.  Please read more about all this on our north ireland missions page.


  1. Hey Team!
    All I can say is WOW! Its been amazing to read how you guys are being used over there, and just the impact that you’ve all made in such a short time.
    Thanks for letting us hear your stories and giving us a taste of your experiences over there. Its been such a blessing and encouragement to hear how the Good News is effecting those hearts who needed to hear it…and how each of you have played apart of bringing that message to them. Keep up the good work Team…may you continue to be blessed and refreshed as you serve! Hugs from Canada!

  2. wow.. too cool.. God grace you daily… Yesterday I went for a walk up in the hills with two brothers and we talked about stability, place… and roots 🙂 Everything God does is done “in place” and it was not an abstract world Jesus lived in or died for..

  3. Thanks so much Kelsey! We’re doing well. You would be loving it here with the team. Today is a big day of ministry. We’re attending two different churches in Killyleagh and then (if the weather holds out) trying to wander around and invite youth to the gathering tonight where Matt will give a devotional and invitation to know Jesus. Should be a good challenging day.
    Our first introduction to the despair among the youth at Killyleagh- we drove in past the drop-in-centre where 4-5 teens were drunk and hanging out in front of the centre. One was peeing on the sidewalk, another came up to our van, pounded on it a few times and then flipped us off. We’re all a bit unnerved… but very hopeful to reach out to the youth here. Yes… should be a good challenging day.

  4. Hey!
    Man alive..just flipped through the picture album and read the newest posts and you guys look like you’re having a blast(making me wish I was there too)!! Glad that everyone arrived safely and hopefully is adjusting to the time change! Keep going team! Thinking and Praying for you lots!

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