reproducible leadership

I wonder if I am raising leaders according to the following principles:

"Actional context is primary: We believe that one cannot learn mission divorced from the context of mission.  The same applies to leadership and ministry.  Therefore, the vast majority of the learning and training must take place in the organic context of the student or intern’s workplace or mission setting.  Furthermore, different leadership styles will emerge from different mission contexts.

"Context is everything: Interns are placed in edgy learning environments: We try to place interns in positions where they are ‘at risk’ or out of their comfort zones and therefore most inclined to learn.  We then bring the learning to them when they need it.

"Action-reflection learning model: We believe that action is the starting point for reflection and therefore fundamental to the learning and discipling process.  Real learning cannot therefore occur without a primary actional element. 

"Relational empowerment: We hold that relationships are the primary
means of transferring leadership and influence and are, as such,
indispensable in the training of missional leaders…

"Practitioner-teachers: We believe that teachers cannot teach what they
do not personally know and cannot lead where they themselves will not
go.  In light of this we expose our interns only to leaders and
practitioners who have a direct and current experience at a cutting
edge mission, church plant, or ministry project.

"Inspiration, then information: We believe that people are not
motivated by information alone; real motivation arises when they
connect with their basic passion and calling… they must be moved and
inspired to act with passion for the kingdom of God.  Our intensives,
therefore, aim primarily at inspiration, not just on giving new

– taken from The Shaping of Things to Come, p221, by Alan Hirsch and
Michael Frost (Hendrickson, 2003).  See the book for their entire list
of reproducible leadership principles.

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