two weeks = two posts

Where has Ken gone?  Well, in the last month I’ve been in four countries and at home very little- a mix of missions with Brentview and YFC-Northern Ireland as well as a holiday in the States with my family.  All of that leads to very few posts due to very little time on the computer.

I’m expecting that all to change now.  In the next few months there will be plenty to be writing about.  Hub starts the first weekend of September- and I’ll be speaking each week on the book of Judges and on ancient faith… the Reactivate conference will be at the end of October in Belfast… My dissertation will be a daily thought… and I hope to finish up a manuscript for a book I’ve been working on for the last two years.  So this blog should be a great reflection outlet for me this fall… and I hope you’ll be a part of that by reading and interacting with me on this site.

The pictures above are of my family.  Nothing is more precious to me in this world than they are.  In all of the teaching and studying and writing this fall, if I fall behind it’ll be because I’m spending time with them.  I’ve got no problem with that!  Thank you to all of you who pray for us often and encourage us with your smiles, notes, and help.  Blessings, everyone!

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