not even room for one more person

No one else could get in.  People were pushing and squeezing.  Little kids were lifted up on shoulders.  Some people stank.  Everybody was cramped up against everybody else.  News had spread quickly that he was back.

Jesus was staying in a house in Capernaum.  His life in the public spotlight had just begun… and already he was a superstar.  News of his arrival back in town created quite a stir.  It wasn’t long before his house became overwhelmed with paparazzi and crowds and autograph seekers and admirers and skeptics and a plethora of curious others.  Nobody else could fit in the house.  So people lined up out the door… squishing into the windows.

The commotion stopped as soon as Jesus began to preach.  All the pushing and shoving came to a standstill.  Those who couldn’t see Jesus put their heads down, shut their eyes, cupped their ears and strained to absorb every word spoken.  Parents quieted their kids, religious leaders checked every syllable.  His words were straight from God.  His authority was astonishing.  What will he say next?  Maybe he’ll stretch out his hand and heal someone.   And no one else could get in.

Especially the paralyzed man.  He wasn’t going anywhere close to the inside of that house that day.  No one was going to budge even if they could.  So many it was impossible to make room… there was no where for anyone to get out of the way to.  His friends tried to be polite- "Excuse me.  Sorry.  Can we get through?  We’re just trying to get our friend to Jesus."  Then they tried a bit more force- urging their way forward… but it was impassable.  Too many people. 

How much do you want to see Jesus today?  How deeply do you want a friend to see Jesus today?  Maybe you think- "Oh, it’ll wait until tomorrow.  Another time. No hurry."

The friends of the paralyzed man didn’t delay.  They were ready to break through any barrier in order to present their friend to Jesus… even if it meant ripping down the house…  (read Mark 2:1-12 for the rest of the story)

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