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Saddleback church hosted a very interesting interview of Barack Obama and John McCain.  I don’t dive into politics on this site often… but I’d be interested into some of your insights.  As an American citizen living in Canada and with friends all over the world, I’m curious what you think.  Please be honoring in your comments… but I’d enjoy your honesty too.  Follow the link to see the 4 videos on my site:


  1. Given these thoughts than, what hope does a devote vibrant believer in Jesus Christ have in the ring of back-stabbing aggressive public politics? Can one survive and how does that look?

  2. Thanks James. I like your question… makes me wonder: It must be very difficult for a politician to be elected if they talk about their faith too much… or if they don’t talk about it enough. Both of these guys probably need to say the right things to a Christian audience… but they have to be careful not to say things that could be used in sound bites. So the problem an everyday follower of Jesus has as a politician would be the tension of being transparent in faith and coming across as fanatical. I suspect it would be really difficult to maintain a vibrant devotion to Jesus in the business of public politics.
    American politics is so interesting because faith plays such a big part in the discussion…

  3. Extremely informative. The question that sparked my interest the most was “how does your faith look on a daily basis” – both candidates answered well, but played it relatively safe. Its great to hear Obama say “Jesus Christ died for my sins and I am redeemed”, and its great to hear McCain say “I’m saved and forgiven”. But what I would like to know is if these men seek out God’s will for all thier decisions? Do they seek out scripture for answers? Do they have a spiritual support network to turn too with confessions of sin?

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