Benji teaches his parents

At the first day of Grade 1 this week, our son, Benjamin, taught his parents a lesson in friendship. 

Benji was so thrilled about two Star Wars figures that we had given to him to clip onto the zippers of his backpack.  He was so proud of the General Grievous and the Stormtrooper action figures that he had vowed to never take them off of his pack.  He was very careful not to knock them off when he zipped up or when he ran along the sidewalk to school.

But all that changed when he arrived at his class and saw two of his friends.  Immediately, he walked right up to them, jumping a bit with excitement, and told them how good it was to see them.  Then he asked if they would like to have his Star Wars action figures!  Of course, his friends were delighted by the idea and smiled and laughed.

Kathy tried to stop Benji, reminding him that if he gave these away, then he’d never have them for himself again.  They’d be gone and with his friends.  Seriously, Benji, without hesitating, said, "Mom, you don’t know what it means to be a true friend, do you?"


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