what i like to do

So here I am doing what I like to do: teaching with a whiteboard.  James Smoker took this photo at our hub kickoff on Sunday night right as the dry-erase was in full swing… and I was loving it.  The diagram is of Romans 16, which also serves as a metaphor for our organizational / missional structure through the hub.  It was a good night… Hopefully the first of many this year where God collides with us.


  1. James, as always man, you rock! And yes, you should go to Regent! I wish I could figure out how to diagram Romans 16 in a moving form… hmmmmmm… then you would get the connection. I might work on that actually…

  2. Ah ha! Stephanie, thanks for the note… and get yourself out here on campus so we can team up in ministry!! And everybody… check out stephanie’s website under the “friends” link to the right.

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