enduring and endearing hope

So I’m preaching this Sunday on being "disappointed in yourself"… and how that can stall your faith.  I prayed that God would not give me a negative illustration to use from the Cubs playoff series this week.  It seems I didn’t pray with enough faith.  The Cubs lost game 1 tonight by five runs to the Dodgers.

Of course, I watched the game with another pastor (David Friesen) from our church who was kinda praying for the Dodgers.  He must be much more connected to God than I am.

The wild thing about faith though… at least this kind of watered-down version of sports fanaticism… is that it continues to hope.  Cubs fan’s have this enduring and endearing hope that defies the win/loss columns.

And if they don’t win at all?  Well, after 100 years, what’s another 1?  I’ll root for them next year too.  Probably some spiritual metaphors to draw out of all this… but I’m too depressed right now to try.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll come up with some… when the Cubs win 8-1 with Carlos Zambrano going the distance.  I think he prays alot… so we’ve got a chance.


  1. After seeing a recap of last nights game this morning (notice I didn’t use the word “highlights”) I was fealing for you. I logged on today 100% expecting to see a post about the cubs, and how you are feeling after that game. I’m glad to see that you didn’t disapoint. I’m pulling for you.

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