The Brad Pitt Sermon

Well, the Brad Pitt sermon, as it is now being called, is available for
you to download.  It’s official title was "Stalled: Disappointed in Yourself", but it just kinda took on a life of it’s own. 

I had a nasty throat yesterday so my voice sounds
nasty sometimes… and today my throat is killing me.  But God helped
me make it through yesterday – and I had a good time too. I’m glad God seemed to have encouraged many people through this one.

Here is a written copy of the sermon
Here is the mp3 audio of the sermon.

Here is also a written copy of last week’s sermon: "Stalled: Disappointed in God" – The audio recording didn’t work, unfortunately.  Too bad too… This was one of the most well-received sermons I’ve given.  It seems God really worked through this one.  Many people have commented that God spoke to them and has challenged them to unstuck themselves… to engage God in their disappointment.  Much of it stems from posts on this site about doubt.  Thanks for all of you who interacted with me on the topic prior to the sermon.  It really impacted me in the preparation.  So… If you read it, may God bless you deeply.


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