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Okay, so I'm in a brainiac mood today.  I stayed up last night and read two books, plus started another two today.  I average at least 1 book a week… and suspect that I've read over 250 books in the last five years.  {If my life allowed, I'd like to post a review every week – and in fact once intended to do that.}  Most of these are focused around emerging church issues in North America related to generational and leadership trends (which is the subject of my doctoral thesis).  Many of these reviews will find versions of themselves in my thesis at some point in the (hopefully-not-to) distant future.

So after much delay, my readings page is finally updated a bit.  I know you were all going crazy without my profoundly life-changing book reviews.  I know you didn't know what to do while you stared at the computer screen hitting "refresh" every minute in the hopes that I would update your life with a new book review.  Well, you are blessed.  I have a pile of about 20 books waiting for a quick review… but I finally whittled away at three of them today in between items on my "to do" list.  They are posted below… but they might be easier to find on the readings page in the future.

Two of the books reviewed today relate to generational data in Canada and the U.S. regarding congregational trends over the last 30-50 years.  The other book is an interesting reflection on the natural nature (redundancy intended) of the Church, more of an organism than an organization.  Blessings to those of you who actually benefit from these reviews!


  1. Lewis is referred to at least once actually, and I suppose they both had/have some connection to the Anglican stuff, so it’s not surprising (oooh, parden the pun).
    I think it will be relevant to your studies as it does deal with some foundational issues surrounding the mission of the church.

  2. ken, you gotta get your hands on NT Wright’s “Surprised by Hope,” if you haven’t already…and how did you know that I sit around and hit “refresh” for about an hour everyday on your website?

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