Judges leadership reference #1: Ehud

        At hub we've been going through a series called "Graphic Faith" which looks at the extreme faiths and failures of the people in the book of Judges.  In that book, God raises up leaders who couldn't ahve conceivably passed as candidates for leadership positions in any of our churches today.   But I began to imagine what objective advice I might give to a search committee that was interested in interviewing Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah and Samson as potential leaders for ministry.  [This idea comes from a class I took at Regent College with Carl Armerding back in 1999.]  So here we go… The first candidate being considered for a leadership position in your local church is Ehud:

EHUD: I strongly advise the search committee to frisk this left-handed man before he enters the church.  If he somehow is able to pass the security regulations, feel free to invite him in, but be sure that all doors be kept open and that the meeting is held in a public area, away from bathrooms, with several witnesses present.  As for Ehud's strengths, I would commend his brazen confidence and shrewd negotiation skills.  When he applies himself, Ehud obviously is a person of great influence, with more than enough composure to serve as an assassin/delegate in difficult conflicts with figures inside (or outside) your church.  Furthermore, Ehud is a man wise enough to adapt to changing situations, allowing the Lord to work through him as he accomplishes tasks in his own unique methods.  Many church goers, however, may struggle with the means by which Ehud practices ministry, as he has little regard for the personal boundaries of others and can also use slyness of craft to achieve his aims.  Candidate Comparison: Jack Bauer from 24.

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