Judges leadership reference #2: Deborah


Our second candidate for a leadership position in a contemporary church ministry is Deborah, the lone female in the field from the book of Judges.  After offering what resulted in a questionable review of Ehud yesterday, here's my objective review of Deborah's potential as a leader in your church:

DEBORAH: Deborah's resume includes discerning God's will daily, leading hundreds of
thousands of people, regularly settling Supreme Court issues, serving as the
Supreme Comander of Allied Military forces, confronting and dismissing
top-tier employees, leading by example, and being available for consultation.  Furthermore, Deborah is a published song-writer and poet. 

After reviewing this candidate I have concluded that Deborah is too gifted for your congregation.  Your church would not be a good fit for her.  If she were somehow astonishingly to feel led by God to participate in an interviewing process with you, I
would suggest that she be allowed to interview your local church rather
than she being interviewed by your search committee. 

If Deborah miraculously allows the candidacy to continue to the next stages, I would advice the search committee to decide quickly how a prophetess would be received in your particular congregation.  In other words, you must ask whether the church is ready to trust and listen to a person who actually is leading according to what the voice of God tells her?  This is a remarkable gift in a candidate, but it is useless in a stubborn congregation run by chauvinists, enviests, or complacentists.  

Finally, it should be recognized that were a congregation not to follow Deborah's challenges towards active faith, then it is quite likely that Gods' glory, while continuing to reside upon Deborah, will ultimately pass over that particular congregation in favor of another congregation in the vicinity… perhaps even in an alarmingly graphic circumstance.   Candidate comparison: Mother Theresa meets Yoda meets William Wallace.

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