Judges Leadership reference #3: Gideon

Our third candidate for leadership in a contemporary ministry is Gideon.  Here is my objective review of Gideon's potential as a leader in your local church:

GIDEON:  Though Gideon is blessed with talent and a good physical gene pool, he does come from a rather dysfunctional background and has many unresolved trust issues.  Gideon also suffers from manic behavioral patterns which cultivate an inconsistent leadership environment.  Gideon can be brilliant in certain situations, but only after he exhibits a tremendous amount of hesitation towards action.  When pressed, Gideon will give in and do what is expected of him.  When left alone, Gideon will run and hide.

My conclusion about Gideon's qualifications are as follows: When faithful and courageous, there is no better leader than Gideon.  Unfortunately, faithful and courageous are not synonymous with Gideon.  Certainly God has his hand on Gideon and intends to use this man to accomplish impressive things for thousands of people over the period of many years.  A search committee will be tempted to hire Gideon because of the immediate blessing brought about by his extraordinarily unorthodox procedures.  But along with his talent and charisma will come subtle blunder and confusion that regretfully will undercut the generations following his leadership.

Oh, and while it is not a basis for decision regarding this candidate, it should be noted that Gideon enjoys polygamy… and as a result he has very prolifically produced 70 sons.  Candidacy Comparison: Bill Clinton meets Groo the Wanderer

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