Judges Leadership Reference #5: Samson


The final candidate being considered for a contemporary leadership position in a local ministry context is Samson.  The prior four candidates (Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, and Jephthah) have already been reviewed.  So without more delay, here is my objective review of Samson's potential as a ministry leader in your local congregation:

SAMSON: Your search committee will definitely be impressed by Samson's innate leadership presence.  He is most assuredly the strongest physical candidate of the five being offered.  In a battle of "king of the hill," there would be no question as to Samson's claim to supremcy… even if all four of the other candidates were to join ranks against him.  His charismatic power is equally astonishing.  As soon as Samson makes himself present, every eye is drawn to him… even if he is not the focus of an event.  And when he does happen to be the center of attention, he brings the house down. 

But after reviewing this candidate in depth, I would strongly advice
your search committee, in this day of scandal and immorality within the
local church, to NOT hire Samson. 

Samson has a weakness for attractive Mediterranean women, bubbly-fermented drinks, and wild parties.  Furthermore, when Samson is hungry, no means is too tame for Samson in his pursuit of obtaining food.  In fact, Samson is so driven by sensory stimulation (caused by extreme ADHD-like symptoms), he would betray any promise in order to obtain satisfaction of his stomach/libido or to avoid uncomfortable situations demanding patience and self-control.  Though Samson could prove faithful in the end (and most likely he won't until the very end) the era of his leadership could be defined as a graphic soap-opera.  Leaving rubble in his wake, Samson, is easily led astray by worldly temptation.  Though occasionally Spirit-filled and well-intentioned, in my estimation Samson would be disastrous as a leader in a local church community – unless of course you are seeking a powerfully influential man with tabloid headline consequences.  (This is, after all, often the type of candidate many search committees are looking for).

P.S. Note, however, that your committee will most likely suffer extremely painful consequences (e.g. torture by firey fox tails, stone pillar, or incredibly terrible poetry) if you turn him down.  If I were you, I would share a beer (actually, make that a keg) with him and then I wouldn't call him back in the hopes that he'll forget about the open leadership position in my church altogether.  Candidacy Comparison: Conan the Barbarian meets Quentin Tarantino meets Genghis Khan.

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