Dan, Laura, Kathy and I are spending some time in Belfast this week for Reactivate at Orangefield Church and Community.  Orangefield is hosting this conference with speakers from all over the UK… and me.  I'm speaking Wednesday-Saturday during the youth sessions late in the evenings.  Looking forward to telling stories about the Boston subway, Brad Pitt, upside down living, and "Thuthan."  We're looking at Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and John 13.  I'm pumped to spend this time with Kathy and to see Dan and Laura in ministry action too.  Dan is our worship leader for hub… he's going to be doing what he's so gifted to do as well as helping with some devotional ministry for the Youth for Christ staff of Northern Ireland.  It'll be so good to connect with Steve and Rebecca McCready and so many of our other friends there once again.

We're also thankful for the many people who are caring for our home and our kids while we're away.  May your time be rich and fun and safe!  Can't wait to get home and hug my kids already! 

And in case you missed these, here are the two wee promo videos we made for the conference.  Enjoy!

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