"knackered" but having a great time ministering in Belfast this week. 
As always, I absolutely love hanging out with the Youth for Christ team
in Northern Ireland.  Unbelievable fire for God and others.  Very
cool.  Orangefield Church is really impressing me too.  I think they
really want to see God use them to reach this city in amazing ways. 
Even better than these though is being here with Kathy and with Dan and
Laura.  It's such a joy to see them all serving and encouraging and
enjoying the experience.  It's an honor to be joining them all this

I'll work on getting you our 3rd Reactivate video filmed
in the streets of Belfast today… but for now I'll post a couple
photos of the youth portion of the conference that Dan and I are so
involved in.  The photo below shows Steve McCready introducing me before the talk on the first night.  We've had 120-140 youth and another 30 youth workers each
of the first two nights with some really great responses.  It's fun to
watch Dan in his element teaching and leading worship… the man has
got the gift.  And I'm loving teaching… though tonight took the voice
and energy out of me afterward.  Praying for a speedy recovery for the
Halloween chats tomorrow!  …. Now I'm off to bed!



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