back from reactivate

We're finally back from our cross pond adventure to Northern Ireland.  I didn't have internet access (or when I did I didn't have time!) so there has been a huge gap in the posting here!  But we had an amazing time talking about Jesus with all the youth at the Reactivate conference at Orangefield Church and Community in Belfast.  Our 17 hour long days exhausted us!  But the ministry was fantastic and I have such a hope for the next generation in Northern Ireland connecting to God in a powerful way.  One of the highlights in fact was this last Monday when Dan and I were able to spend the day with the YFC staff as they dreamed up reaching the whole of Ireland in 2010.  Can't wait to see what comes of that!

Sometimes I feel in my element partnering with others in ministry and being creative in sharing the story of Jesus and encouraging people to grow in faith.  There is nothing like working with others to make an environment where that can happen easily.  For that reason I'm so very impressed with the church and with the Youth for Christ team that helped host the youth portion of the conference. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard!  The videos above are the final two that Dan and I made during the conference… WARNING… They might not make much sense to North Americans who weren't at Reactivate! : )

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