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Amnesia is great for some reasons and terrible for others.  Amnesia is great because:
1. You can hide your own easter eggs,
2. You meet a new person every day and
3. You can hide your own easter eggs. 

But amnesia is not so great because you forget who you are, who you know, what you have and what you are to do. 

There are some people here who are struggling in this life because they have forgotten who they are.  Some men are wrestling with their marriages because they are forgetting that they are a husband to a wife and they have a precious responsibility to love and serve their spouse.  Some parents are selfishly neglecting their children today because they are forgetting that they are a mom or a dad and they have a precious son or daughter who needs to be raised with tons of attention, tons of love and tons of prayer.  Some Christians are wandering away from their faith because they are forgetting that they are children of God, forgiven of sins by the death of Jesus Christ, and they are to live everyday in the service and worship of the Lord.

There once was a patient suffering from amnesia that went into the doctor's office.  The doctor asked, "Have you ever had it before?"   Sadly, so many of us suffer from a condition of identity amnesia that causes us to forget, again and again, who we are.  How different would our world be if followers of Jesus Christ would consistently remember who we are, who we know, what we have and what we are to do?

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