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Walt Mueller suggest three simple principles for sharing faith on to the next generations:

1. Know the unchanging Word.
2. Know young people and their rapidly changing culture.
3. Take the unchanging Word to young people growing up in the rapidly changing culture.

Mueller reminds us that "our mission takes us not just from nation to nation but from generation to generation and culture to culture."  But we can't share something with someone if we don't have that "thing" in the first place.  So Mueller also stresses that in order for us to engage others with the good news of Jesus then we must actually have the good news alive within us!  Our lives must be engaged with Jesus perpetually!  He writes: "If our mission is to lead young people to [Jesus], we must know him ourselves.  Therefore, the first step is to know the message – inside out and upside down.  We must know the incarnate Word, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ."

– Walt Mueller, Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture (IVP, 2006), pp. 47 & 172.

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