We're having a great time with hub at brentview.  In fact, every week seems to be a bit of a shock as more and more people keep connecting.  I'm not sure what to do about it really!  We expected a smaller crowd last night because of the Grey Cup game (the Calgary Stampeders were playing in the CFL championship game last night)… but we had to add 30 more chairs as we started!  Last year, on Grey Cup night we had 15 people.  Last night we set up for 50 and ended up having almost 80 gathering.

I pray the hub is blessed by God.  I pray we will become a people led by his Spirit and changed by Jesus.  I pray the networking would spread across Calgary and the world.  I pray God will breathe on us.  And personally, I pray God will keep surprising me… keep making me feel a bit out of control… and keep inspiring me through all the people he is working in. 

It's humbling how deep and how strong are many of the new people joining hub this fall.  I pray they will feel enabled to flourish in serving God.  What an honor it is to dwell in faith with these friends.


  1. Suprised you are? Why?
    May God’s Spirit working through you and your lead team do even greater and more miraculous things in the coming weeks, as you humbly rest in His overwhelming love.

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