I'm curious… How would you be different if you…

1] … experienced Jesus less?

2] … experienced Jesus more?


  1. Thanks for the honest reflection, Andrew. It would be good for us to have others leave their thoughts on this too, eh?
    I’m like you… I’d be a mess with less. Not only that… but others would be worse off too. I wouldn’t be nearly as UNselfish as I am (not that I really unselfish… but I’d be so much worse if Jesus was less a part of my life). I wouldn’t consider others nearly as much. Because of Jesus I’m challenged to live a certain way… a way that is mindful of others. Sometimes this is a very hard way to live… and with less Jesus, I’d be less inclined to pursue such a way.

  2. Experiencing Jesus is an interesting thing in and of itself because I am not sure how it works. He lives in our heart and we interact with him through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, right? So my interaction is really through the Spirit? Or not?
    If it is, I assume that all of the Spirit deprived North American church might actually have a relatively hard time experiencing Jesus on a regular basis.
    As for me, I can honestly say that I think if I experienced Jesus any less, I would be pretty doomed to loss of faith altogether. I fully find myself existing in that world of Spirit deprived faith, in case you were wondering.
    If, on the other hand, I experienced Jesus more, I would like to think that I would grow easier, understand my place, purpose and role better in God’s kingdom, and in general have a better relationship with both God and the world. However, these are all incredibly self-motivated reasons and I am pretty sure that is why I don’t experience Jesus more. Something about meeting him on his grounds and not mine. Still searching though.

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