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So I use the name "jesusfollower" for this site.  I've thought about changing it… just to "ken castor" or something else.  Every now and then I am concerned that "jesusfollower" could sound pretentious to those who don't know me.  I imagine visitors to this site asking, "Who does this guy think he is?" 

But the name isn't meant to communicate that I think I'm the only true follower of Jesus out there.  There are millions of followers of Jesus.  The name is simply meant to communicate a goal in my life… in our lives- basically that following Jesus is the best thing we could possibly do.  And I really want to invite you to join with me in that pattern.

Several years ago, the idea of being a Jesus Follower welled up in me one day…

… as I sought to determine what the ultimate aim in my life should be.  I asked myself, "What should I strive to do everyday of my life?  No matter the circumstances… how then should I live?"  So I didn't call this site "kenfollower" or something about me- as I don't want to pattern my life after myself.   So I kept asking, "What do I want to be the defining goal of my every breath?  At the end of my life, what do I want people to say about me?  What could help me make the best possible use of my brain, heart and encourage my actions and behaviors in my span of time on this earth?"  It occured to me that there was nothing more noble, more positively life-changing, more inspiring, or more difficult, than following Jesus Christ.  I realized I need to be a Jesus Follower.  And perhaps you realize that to… for me… and for yourself.

So the name is simply a way for me to focus this site on reflections about a way of life… a way that seeks to be shaped by the will of Jesus.  So that's why I spend time reflecting on the Bible and current cultural movements and my own church experiences.  That's why this site is meant to be a place of reflection on catalytic faith in a changing world… because Jesus catalyzes people.

This may sound cheesy, but following Jesus gives me hope.  When I get lost in myself, I get lost.  But when I get lost in Jesus, I get found.  Following Jesus gives me grounding in chaos… or purpose in waking up each day… or motivation to live well… or a wellspring of love for my wife and kids… or the prompting to respect people no matter they are going through.  Following Jesus helps me desire the best for others… or take time to rest… or exert more effort than I think I can… or dream about the potentials… or admit shortcomings and then move past them. 

So this site is not called "jesusfollower" because I think I'm some kind of special Christian.  It's called "jesusfollower" because I just simply want to be led by God.  In my life, I want to be where Jesus is leading.  I want Jesus to form me into who he wants me to be.  I trust him, seek him… and at times I don't have a clue what's going on.  Sometimes I struggle, deeply, to understand.  Sometimes I feel obliterated in faith and fed up with "church".  Sometimes I can't make sense of it all.  Sometimes this site will reflect my absolute enthusiasm… and sometimes it will reflect my perplexion.  This site reflects on the tension of living in this broken world with broken lives and striving to find the life and joy that Jesus has. 

This my sound cheesy too… but it's a simple song I wrote about 10 years ago when the idea of being a "Jesus Follower" really started to percolate in my heart.  This is the intention of this site… and I pray that the reflections here resonate and challenge and help shape you as you follow Jesus too:

I want to be where you are
Where you will lead
Where you will go
I want to be who you want
Who you will make
Who you will grow


  1. I appreciate the struggle to find the right name for your blog. I’ve thought about renaming mine, cuz “SmuloSpace” sounds cheesy to me.
    I like Jesus Follower personally. I blogged on why I struggle with the term ‘Christian’ and why I prefer to call myself a ‘Jesus-follower’ a year or two ago. If you had named your blog “Christian” I would have told you to find a better name 🙂

  2. Hi Ken,
    I wanted to thank you for the comment on my site, first of all. I’m a fan of this blog comment day thing… has already helped me find new blogs like this.
    Anyway. I’m enjoying your writings, and seeing what you are doing in Calgary as well. Thank you.

  3. Hi Ken, I’m posting here because I never have before and it’s blog comment day.
    And I felt the need to say “Who do you think you are, calling your blog Jesus Follower”?
    Just kidding 🙂
    My personal blog (not the link under my name, that’s one I host for a non-profit organization) is called Love is the most excellent Way and I’m often anything but loving so, I get where you’re coming from. Sometimes we name things according to what we aspire to as much as according to what we’ve already attained.
    For what it’s worth, recently I was thinking about following Jesus and thinking that Jesus wants people to follow him in being a leader, for example, in things like being the person to step up, get involved and do what needs doing whether anyone else is joining you or not.

  4. I appreciate your candor and enthusiasm, ken. Thanks for being my brother and sharing so much of yourself over the internet. Keep following Christ, dude.

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