oatmeal rant

Bluragh!! Bluragh!! Bluragh! Bluragh!  I can't stand my alarm clock.  Not sure why I haven't gotten a new one.  Perhaps because the one I have is so effective in nearly killing me awake.  It carjacks me out of my deep, restful slumber.  That awful "BLURAGH! BLURAGH!" digital annoyance bluraghing in my ears.  The alarm clock doesn't even have a nice sounding radio.  And I hold bitterness against it every day.  What a terrible device.  A machine that wakes people up from the rest(oration) their body needs.  Argh.

So I now try to race the clock.  I try to wake up before the alarm.  I usually lose this race… but I'm training and preparing.  I'll set the alarm with determination– praying for the strength to arise early and turn the mechanical nightmare waker off.

Which begs a question… when the alarm goes "off" in the morning… why do I have to turn it "off"?

Anyways, now I find myself right now making oatmeal for my son.  I've poured in the oats and water and set the timer on the microwave.  Now that crazy radioactive appliance is laser-ing my brain with it's "beeeeep… beeeeep… beeeeep… beeeeep…" – just waiting for me to stop writing this little post.

What does this have to do with following Jesus?  Well… obviously I need a change of attitude today.  Even in my grumpiness I understand I'm not living a transformed life in this moment.  For when I live in reaction to all the bluraghs in life, I often live with exhaustion and frustration from just trying to keep up… just trying to respond to the stimulus and timers around me.  Perhaps today I need to take a deep breath and begin to live in readiness.  For when I am prepared, I seem to rest more, to laugh more, to smile with God more, to enjoy life more… and strangely… to enjoy waking up more.

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