Did the Lord love his neighbor?

 Jesus tells us: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind… and love your neighbor as yourself.

I've never pondered this before… Does God love himself with all of his "heart, soul and mind?"  And if so, does God love his neighbor as himself?  Does God love his neighbor with all of his heart, soul and mind? 

This simple question is leading me to new areas of wonderment about God.  When I think of all the Lord has done… because he loved the world so much… I am in awe.  I am imagining God looking upon us and saying, "If that were me, I'd want God to come to me, I'd want God to care for me, I'd want God to save me."

God created us to be his neighbor.  He walked with his brand new moved in neighbors Adam and Eve.  And then, when his neighbors got involved with some bad stuff, God worked out a rescue plan for them.  Even then many people in the neighborhood tried to keep God out.  But his love for his neighbors overwhelmed him.  So, God came to dwell among his neighbors once again.  He entered walked the streets, cared for families, released people from their trouble, healed disease, opened the blinds of some windows, and held bbq parties right in his backyard… so to speak.  Not sure how much more neighborly a guy could get than that.

Jesus came.  Jesus walked with us.  Jesus loved us… to death Jesus loved us.  God's whole heart, God's whole soul, God's whole mind… if we can use that language about God… overflows and acts with love for his neighbor.


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  2. Ken what an awesome thought. I love how I read you blog and either something comes clear to me or you make it more unclear by asking hard questions to answer and that is the challenge. I love it keep it up….”as iron sharpens iron…” Can we be better neighbors and brothers?

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