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2009 winter retreat promo poster

This weekend 100 of us from hub that are headed off for some fellowship and formation and flopping in the snow… that is if it's not all melted.  The minus 40 weather is being replaced by plus 10 (celsius).  Crazy.  Would appreciate your prayers for all those that will be spending some unique time with God this weekend. 

Steve McCready, who has become one of my dearest friends, will be our speaker.  What an honor it is to have him back with us… and this time along with his amazing wife and new daughter… and along with their close friends, the McKnights, also from Belfast.

Just reminds me so much of one year ago.  This weekend last year was intense.  Kathy was in surgery, the retreat was in full force, and I was running around with zero gas left in my system and soul.  I was a wreck watching Kathy hurt and headless-chicken-running for my family and the retreat.  Steve was here (with Pete Morrison)… and because of all that was happening, I had to entrust them to others… which further stole from my joy to be honest.  Exhaustion, emotional/physical/spiritual, was the definition of the first part of 2008 for me.  That weekend produced some incredible experiences… but so far, this year is a different scenario with just as many incredible experiences… and we're so thankful. 

We're looking forward to God shaping some people this weekend in dramatic ways.  Many will be encouraged to see God and to see others from a newer, more humble worldview.  Thank you for your prayers for us!

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