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It's been very enriching to have now connected with every Regional Minister for the NAB.  Of the 400+ churches in our conference, thirty-four have been recommended as potential candidates for my thesis work. 

In the next week I look forward to arranging the interviews with 20-25 of these churches.  The difficulty will be matching up the people necessary for the interviews with my work schedule and affordable flights.  I have until the end of August to complete the interviews.  Presently, here are the regional breakdown of potential churches:

United States:

  • Three in southern California
  • Two in northern California
  • One in Portland
  • Three in North Dakota
  • One in South Dakota
  • Two in Minnesota
  • One in Iowa
  • One in Kansas
  • Two in Wisconsin
  • Two in Illinois
  • Two in Michigan
  • One in New York
  • Two in Pennsylvania
  • One in Maryland


  • Three in British Columbia
  • Three in Alberta
  • Two in Saskatchewan
  • Two in Ontario

2 thoughts on “interview update

  1. Hey Ken,
    This is fantastic. I will certainly track with you on this. I look forward to your steller insight!

  2. Ken
    Sounds like you should rent / borrow a camper, and take the family on a cross country road trip.

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