great lakes trip set

The most difficult trip is finally scheduled… and its a doozy.  Thanks to my family, friends, church and the NAB which are supporting me and/or helping to offset the cost of this insane trip!  All the other mini-trips will pale in comparison to this one strange April adventure. 

The churches I'll interview on this trip have been recommended by the NAB Regional Ministers as showing exemplary patterns of generational transference.  It's been a joy to connect with the RMs and now especially to be connecting with leaders of these encouraging church communities.

So in April I'm visiting churches in Ontario, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin… all in 6 days… while also taking in a conference in Chicago.  Insane.  I'll be flying to Toronto, renting a car for the day and interviewing a church.  Then I'm flying to Detroit, renting a car, interviewing two churches, and then picking up my dad (who is flying into Detroit).  The next day we'll drive to Chicago where I'll interview another church. 

That night (this is horrible!) my dad and I have to meet one of my brother's at Wrigley Field where we have to watch the Cubs play the Phillies.  It will be rough.  The following morning I'll get my dad and brother to the airport and then drive up into Wisconsin to interview another church.  That evening it's back to Chicago for the conference, which goes for 2 days… and during which I'll interview another church who has representatives at the conference.  Immediately after the conference ends, if possible, I hope to schedule another church interview before flying back to Calgary.

2 rental cars
2.5 days of conference
3 flights
3 NAB regions
5 nights in a hotel
6 church interviews
144 hours of travel
4,500 miles of travel
1 CUBS GAME with my dad and bro


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