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Admittedly, we in Calgary are extremely consumeristic and wealthy compared to most other places on the earth.  We are caught up in a pattern of giving money mastery over us.  We are so full while others all around the world are so hungry.  We are so rich while others all around the world struggle in extreme poverty.  We have to start doing something to make ourselves more aware and to make ourselves more Christian in our worldview.  So on March 22 the hub is launching a week of awareness and action based on Matthew 6.   We'll be participating in the Samaritans Purse Turn on the Tap project, engaging with the documentary E is for Everyone: The Mouse and the Elephant, doing daily devotionals related to this issue, and capping the week with World Vision's 30 Hour Famine.  It's only a start… but it hopefully will catalyze so much more.  If you'd like to join us, be praying about participating with us in this covenant from March 22-28:


… I will live with less.
… I will be aware of those who have little when I have much.
… I will give up buying something I want.
… I will ask God about the place possessions hold in my life.
… I will ask God to realign my heart with His.

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