a new day

As I rise today,
Fill my lungs.
Let them exhale
In praise of my God.
How great are you, Lord?
Really?  How great are you?
I can't fathom your greatness!
My eyes wake up to a sky
colored in purple, orange and grey.
Assurance graces the shades
Deep blue reveals the heavens
Rays of sun lighten my face
Your warmth gives me hope
And today seems to be full
of a fresh start.

Let me seize the start, Lord!
Let me rise in newness.
Let each step be a new print.
Let each effort be a promise.
Fill my lungs, Lord!
Let my hands open
and my arms spread wide
and my legs stand firm
As my mouth
overflows with wonders
about my God!


  1. very nice Ken! He is so VERY great. I’ve been reminded about that a lot over the last couple days. Am I just seeing things or is it supposed to look like a shoe print?

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