realign devotional day 6

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"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 5:3 

Poverty: Learning to Give Ourselves

We always seem to be better at giving than becoming. We can give love even when we are not intrinsically loving. We can be generous even when we are not truly compassionate. We can be concerned about others and yet essentially still live for ourselves. We can be giving to the poor and yet withhold the very thing they most urgently seek: companionship in the journey.

Nouwen reminds us that, “being poor is what Jesus invites us to, and that is much, much harder than serving the poor.” If we wish to journey with the poor, we need to become poor ourselves- poor for the sake of the gospel and poor for the sake of our neighbour.

This poverty does not only mean that we voluntarily lay aside our time, our power, and our priorities in order to serve others. At a deeper level, it means that we discover our own poverty, weakness, and brokenness and can thus journey in true companionship with the poor. We journey not as those who have much to give and who have all the answers, but as fellow travelers toward light and liberation.
– Dare to Journey with Henri Nouwen – Charles Ringma

Lord Jesus, thank You for laying aside your Glory and walking in companionship with us!

Holy Spirit, I ask that You would lead me to extend a hand of equality and friendship to everyone I encounter, not considering myself better than others.

God Almighty, may You show me my true value in your eyes; free me from pride, free me from self-loathing, let me find my worth in You. 


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