spiritual leadership and walking with Jesus

I've written this before… but I needed the reminder:

The contrite heart is the key to spiritual leadership.  For it is in the broken heart that God has room to walk around and restore according to his will.  The Christian community that allows God to bring exposure and healing will become a real community where real people will find restoration.  For it is in our weakness that God's light and strength and power are made evident.  God's power works best in our weakness.  For when we are weak, then we are made strong in God's unlimited power (2 Cor 12:7-10).  But it is a high calling – to follow Jesus and to love the way he loved, to treasure and shine the light of Jesus in these reluctantly perishable bodies (2 Cor 4:7).

Being a follower of Jesus implies that we step in his steps, listen to his voice, and respond to his call.  We are to pattern ourselves after him, learning to do what he does, speaking into life the way he speaks, healing and reconciling and reconnecting people to God.  Dallas Willard teaches that there is one absolutely essential condition for each of us to truly follow someone and be their disciple: We 'must be with that person.'  It's a simple truth: by walking with Jesus we will learn how to walk with him.  Willard says that "to follow him meant, in the first place, to be with him.  If I am Jesus' disciple, that means I am with him to learn from him how to be like him." (Willard, Divine Conspiracy, Harper 1997, 276)

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