the rot of your life

Proverbs 14:30 states it bluntly.  Jealousy rots your life away.

King Saul had everything going for him.  Then he slid away from God and began to be in need.  The problem is that nothing else but the Lord could satisfy his true need… a living relationship with God.  So Saul began to thirst and to lust and desire what someone else had. 

David became the object of envy.  What David had, Saul once had… but had lost.  And if Saul couldn't have it back… he didn't want David to have it anymore either.  The song in 1 Samuel 18 was sung: Saul has killed his thousands… and David has killed his tens of thousands.  Saul didn't like that song.  In fact, the passage says literally that the song was "bad in the eyes of Saul."  Saw looked at the song… he looked at David… and he looked at himself… and his eyes made his heart wretch.  Jealousy, not God, now controlled the way he looked at his life.  From that point of view… Saul's life was ruined.  Eventually he fell on his own sword… and sword of projected power but inner weakness… a sword that David saw right through in exchange for a sling, some smooth stones, and all the power of God.

Jealousy is having too much and still wanting more.
Jealousy is living in slavery to the pursuit of self-gratification rather than living in freedom.
Jealousy is the grasp for self-sustained power rather than for trust in God.
Jealousy is emptiness of the heart.
Jealousy is a malignancy still undiscovered.
Jealousy is lusting after earthly-treasured pleasure instead of yearning for true, lasting joy.
Jealousy is the rejection of the life God wants to give you.
Jealousy is a hyperventilating-asthma rather than a deep, life-giving breath.
Jealousy is the belittling of others.
Jealousy is thinking you are more important than your neighbor.
Jealousy is a shallow surface-level existence.
Jealousy is to be in want.

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