1st interview down…

The first official "generational transference" interview is completed… Even if it was a relatively simple one to accomplish, it still feels good to get rolling on this research. 

A couple weeks ago I interviewed Dave Spate and Adam Monkman from my own home church of Brentview in Calgary.  Dave is the Lead Pastor… and Adam is our new youth pastor.  I wanted to put these guys on the spot because they both exhibit a passion for raising others up to participate in ministry.  Dave constantly encourages people to take the reigns… and Adam is the fruit himself of a generational transference principle exercised by the prior youth pastor.  In fact, Adam grew up in Brentview, come through it's youth ministry, became a volunteer leader and then came on staff as a youth ministry intern.  The prior youth pastor chose Adam to succeed him… and after being intentionally entrusted with more and more ministry leadership by the prior youth pastor, Adam has now moved into that role.  It was a graceful, healthy process for a local church.

So many thanks to Dave and Adam for participating in the interview.  I now have about 45 minutes of digital recording to transcribe… but their insights are worth the effort!

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