cross country trip set

Table-large The early morning of May 18 has me running to Portland to interview two churches.  The overnight of may 19-20 has me cruising over to Philadelphia for a couple more interviews.  Yes… Portland to Philadelphia.  Crazy.  Back home on the 21st.

Interestingly, it's incredibly cheaper to fly from Portland to Philadelphia than to fly from Calgary to Philly.  And then instead of two round-trip flights there is now just one condensed insane trip.  Thankfully, Brentview's new youth pastor, Adam Monkman, will be joining me on the adventure… so at least my exhaustion will be shared!

One of the highlights of this trip will be a visit with Jeremy Erb, Lead Pastor of The Table in Portland.  Adam and I plan to connect with Jeremy while he leads a church planting summit for the NAB – out at Canon Beach.  Rough I know.  I'm keen to glean.

Philly plans are still being set… but we are set to meet with some leaders in a large growing church in south-east Pennsylvania.  This trip should be a stretch physically for us… more for me since I'll newly be crowned 37 years old!  Adam is still full of zest… and hoping to pass puberty by soon.  Anyways… we ought to be stretched spiritually too as we experience a wide array of church methods and structures and visions.  Through it all I hope to keep honing in on what makes Ephesians 4:11-12 possible in the local church.  Not just possible… but flourishing.  What factors do churches that are transferring leadership to others exhibit that catalyze them to equip others as leaders of ministry?  Hope to discover some great insights!!

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