character and culture

I'm just back from the crazy Toronto/Detroit/Chicago trip.  I'm
actually incredibly encouraged by the five churches I interviewed for my research.  Each church has their own DNA… exhibited in their own
passions and expressions…

Two of the main themes that kept
coming up in most of these 5 surprised me a bit.  In terms of
leadership development, I expected a bit more talk about "spiritual
gifting" or fitting people into necessary roles.  The churches that
seem to be doing really well at raising up a new crop of leaders,
however, are focusing on two key principles: CHARACTER and CULTURE. 

too early in my research to build a major case on this, but more than
talent or charisma, more than prior training, the two main factors in a
local church being successful at developing leaders revolved around the
integrity of people and the environment that catalyzed leadership


  1. I’m not surprised that those principles are there… That’s what I base my own pursuits upon. I am pleasantly surprised to have run into churches that actually operate this way! It’s just so refreshing… and that surprised my heart.
    I had hoped this research would not lead down a path of programmed discipleship. “Well, Ken, we develop leaders by taking them through a 12 week fill-in-the-blank seminar followed by a 13 week course on…” To be honest, I hope the research does not discover too much of that. So far, I’ve discovered very little. Each church so far has had some intentional program at times… and certainly I think directed education/training is extremely valuable. But mostly in these churches, so far, L.Dev. has been accomplished through pursuing godly character and an ethos of building disciples. This goes for a church of 180 as well as for a church of 1500. I love it.

  2. I don’t think I am surprised by that Ken, challenged, but not surprised. I’m sure the people who get behind the crazy leaders like Benny Hinn and his mates do so because they are charismatic and gifted- mmm- not so sure about character and culture. What type of leader do you think you are?

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